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The main office of A Million Voices is located in Arendal in Norway. The organization has no staff and is run on voluntary basis. The primary objectives of the Norwegian office is to spread awareness of projects and conduct fundraising.

The A Million Voices Norway Board consists of:

President: Charlotte Johansen

Charlotte is of Norwegian nationality and is one of the founders of A Million Voices. She lived in the Philippines for seven years where she functioned as the Daily Manager of the Philippine office. She holds a Degree in Development Management and currently works for an international organization in Oslo.

Vice-President: Marthe Furuvald

Marthe is of Norwegian nationality and is the Daily Manager of a paint store. She has been very active in Red Cross from the age of 6-17, where she was a team/youth leader with primary focus on First Aid. Marthe has been working as a volunteer for A Million Voices since the summer of 2012.

Secretary: Jessica Holterhof

Jessica is of German nationality and works within the UN system. She has extensive experience in capacity development, ecosystem conservation and project management, and is based in Hanoi, Vietnam. She has worked with governments in different countries in Southeast Asia.

Treasurer: Audun Omdal

Audun is of Norwegian nationality, and currently works with refugees in Norway under the government system. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and has worked within child services institutions with youths in the ages 13-20. He also has work experience within psychiatric care.

Board Member: Camilla Johnsen

Camilla is of Norwegian nationality and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Anthropology, as well as additional education in project- and process management. She has previously done fieldwork for an NGO through a university exchange programme in Ghana. Camilla has experience from social work and event management.

Board Member: Lene Stautland Irgens

Lene is of Norwegian nationality, and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Law, Leadership and Economy. She has worked as a volunteer and team-leader at AMV, and has experience in working with children in all age groups. She is currently engaged in a local gymnastics team as a coach for children and youth aged 10-18.

Board Member: Tracey Gravador

Tracey if of Norwegian nationality and is a Child Protection Official. Her work experience derives from Norwegian Red Cross and Norwegian Refugee Council. She has long-time experience in sports, and has been with AMV since May 2009. She is currently working for the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Manila.