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Direct Bank Transfer

1. Norwegian Bank Contributions
Account Number2801.18.71706

2. International Bank Contributions

IBAN: NO6428011871706
Bank Details 

Sparebanken Sør
Serviceboks 602
4809 Arendal 

Cheque Payment

Unfortunately, this option is not applicable.

1. What can you donate?

Through your donation, you can provide a child from a depressed community with the gift of academic services. It’s not always sufficient to just provide schooling opportunities, as there are many other obstacles facing a child. Perhaps it’s difficult to focus in school and grades are falling. Participation in a tutorial would be beneficial. Or perhaps a child lacks the motivation and self-confidence to do his or her best. An educational field trip could spark that fire again – or self development training.

The gift of academic services is NOK 200 through direct bank transfer or Vipps.
Paypal transfer NOK 220 or USD 26.

2. How does it work?
Make your contribution through:

  • Our bank account (2801.18.71706)
  • Vipps: 18379
  • The Paypal button below (Note that the amount through Paypal is higher because Paypal deducts a percentage fee on the donated amount)

If you wish to receive a donation letter, remember to leave your e-mail address when making the donation or send us an e-mail informing us about your donation and your wish for an electronic confirmation letter (amillionvoices@amillionvoices.no). This is perfect if you wish to donate in the name of family or friends for the Holidays, but it’s optional and you will only receive e-mail from us if you have informed us of this wish.

3. Paypal Donations
1. Academic Services