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A Million Voices is very grateful for the support of all collaborating institutions, organizations, businesses, and individuals. We could not have made such a significant impact without joining forces.


Our Contributing Partners


G Travel

G Travel has been a significant supporter of A Million Voices’ projects since the opening of our Philippine office and the company has adopted AMV as one of its corporate social responsibility organizations.


Throughout the years we have been the lucky recipient of support from different vessel’s crew. For instance, the generous crew members onboard the vessel Lady Guro previously decided to donate their Safety Award to our projects. In addition, the crew of the vessel Sten Odin donated their welfare funds to the children in Manila.

Individual Scholarship Sponsors
All of our scholars are sponsored by individual sponsors in different parts of the world. We cannot express enough how grateful we are for the support given to the children’s education.


Our Collaborating Partners

Vizcarra Medical Clinic

The medical clinic located just minutes from the office of A Million Voices has been assisting in providing the beneficiaries of the organization with medical and dental services for several years. The doctors and dentists at the clinic have ensured improved health conditions of our beneficiaries.

Volunteer Professionals
We rely on the collaboration of volunteer professionals in tutorials, livelihood training, medicine, psychiatry, and other project-related fields. Each volunteer is a highly treasured member of the A Million Voices’ family.