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Through the scholarship program of A Million Voices, you get to follow a student through his or her schooling. You get updates, photos and even holiday cards. And, like you are about to read more about, it is possible to make a visit to meet your scholar.

One of our scholarship sponsors, Linda, just so happened to be planning to go to Manila with her daughter when she reached out to us. She and her daughter were able to meet the scholar they support, and here is what they experienced in Linda’s own words:

“Last week my daughter and I felt we were the luckiest persons on earth; we were given the chance to meet the scholar student that we have supported the last three years and also meet many of the other scholars from A Million Voices. Accompanied by one of the organisations representatives we traveled by a jeepney to the school. This was an exiting experience in itself! Finally at the school we got the chance to meet Alexandra, our sponsor child and I believe it was a very exiting moment for all of us. We learned that she is doing great at school, which subjects are her favorites and shared information about each others countries and languages. As the other scholars finished school they came to meet us in the canteen and we learned even more about their school days, hobbies, and dreams. It became so clear that these kids will make a difference in the future. We hope that we will be able to stay more in touch with our “sister” and her friends in Manila because now it’s not just a person on a picture that we support financially, it is the sweet and clever girl that we talked with, laughed with and hugged good bye. Thank you A Million Voices for giving us this opportunity!

A Million Voices is truly grateful for the support of our scholarship sponsors – together we make a difference!

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