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In this section we would like to share with you the work, thoughts, and voices of those who take part in our projects. In the forms of articles they have written, photographs they have taken, or art work as a result of an art class. It’s all them; their work, their expressions, their voices. All we can say is: enjoy!

Voices of the Summer – Experience a day of a Scholar


Voices of May – The Month of Self Development

In May we held weekly sessions for all of our scholars with focus on the understanding of one’s emotions and self development. The objectives of the sessions were to enable the scholars to know themselves and their families better. The family is the basic unit of the society and where the childrens’ behavior and outlook in life is formed, and is thus an important factor in their identity building. The sessions consisted of lessons, group discussions and hands-on activities to bring the scholars closer to their own self, their family identity, each other and AMV.

Below you will find some of the output from the sessions: